Canine Hearing Companions, Inc.
a friend that listens
Canine Hearing Companions, Inc. was founded in 1992 and became a
501 (c) 3 non-profit organization approved by the Internal Revenue Service,
which allows all donations to be Tax Deductable in February 1993.

It was founded by Debra Schaser, who has 20 years prior to being a professional dog
trainer. Over the years she has accumulated a number of titles on her own dogs,
in field, tracking and obedience. She spent many years training under 19 trainers
and graduating from the National Hearing Dog Center in Athol Mass.

Canine hearing Companions is located in the heart of South Jersey and is
the only Hearing Dog Center in the Tri State Area.

In 1996 CHC trained its first Psychiatric service dog for a vietnam veteran
whom suffered from PTSD.  He did not want to leave the house.
After his dog became certified in the public he was able to go places.
It was amazing to watch through the years how the dog
helped heal him of his phobias.

In 2002 CHC expanded to Fairton Federal Prison by providing dogs in the program
to be trained as service dogs. The program is very succesful training 4 dogs at a time.
It has made a difference in the lives of the inmates, changing thier views on life and
learning the joy of giving  back to help others.

In 2002 CHC found the dogs that did not qualify to be hearing dogs learned to be
Medic Alert dogs helping to alert a person before they would have a seizure, diabetic
or angina attack.
Rescued from Gloucester
Animal Shelter