Service Dogs for Veterans
Suffering from PTSD
Our first service dog we trained for a
Vietnam Vet in 1996. The man was
unable to go out into public places
because of suffering from PTSD. When
his Service Dog was trained he was
able to go anywhere. Hid family was
very happy they could go camping and
attend different events and go shopping
together. After his dog grew old and
passed away he was able to go in the
public with out a dog.
We need your support so we can get more service dogs trained.
Paws for Freedom
Our service dogs bring security and
confidence to the men and women that
have served in any branch in the military
that are suffering from PTSD or other
medical disabilities. The dogs are well
trained for in the public and will place
themselves as a barrier between the
veteran and someone in the public, which
gives them the security to go out without
fear of being touched by a stranger. They
will lay on their chest or come over the lap
when the veteran is suffering a anxiety
attack and the dog will help to calm them
down. Each time they go out in the public
some of their confidence and security is
restored over time. Having the service dog
not only helps them, but helps the whole
family by allowing them to able to go
places together again.
What I like about our service is it          helps
more than the veteran that                
receives the service dog.

Our service dogs make a impact on the
whole family and bring them together again
as a family. Before the veteran received their
service dog, the families always had to leave
their loved one home because of their fear in
public. If they had an event to go to they would
miss out on the children's sports, recitals and
plays. Going to the doctor, dentist and for a
haircut was impossible with out heavy
medication. After they receive the service
dogs they are able to go everywhere the
family goes. They say it saved their marriage
and help the children bond again to the
parent that was suffering. The impact it has
made on the individual that received the
service dog for their PTSD say it changed
their life in a positive way. Through the years
of using the service dog their confidence is
built up and they become much more secure
and stable. We have great pleasure in
offering this service to our men in women
whom has served in the military and help give
them some peace of mind. We are so
grateful for their sacrifice.
Molly was just adopted from Burlington
Animal Shelter Oct 30th, 2013 to be trained
to be a service dog for a veteran in waiting
to help him with his PTSD
We Need support to help with Molly's
training there is no government funding .