Hearing Dogs
Snoopy had alerted Mary that the
tea kettle went off and showed her
the sound.
Service Dogs
Medic Alert Dogs
Hearing Dogs are train to alert a deaf or hard of
hearing person to sounds they are unable to hear.
They can wake them up to an alarm clock, alert them
to a smoke alarm, phone, door bell, microwave.

They can help a deaf parent know when their baby is
crying or when the child calls out there name.

Deaf people can walk with safety and security and be
alerted if a car is coming or danger is coming their way.

Having a hearing dog brings security and
independence to people with a hearing loss.
Medic Alert dogs have the ability to
sense when someone is going to have
a seizure, diabetic attack or angina.
before the occurance. They sense a
change in the chemistry of the person
that the dog detects. They will give
some type of signal to the person so
they can take medicine or lay down or
call for help
People/Veterans that suffer from PTSD or
anxiety because of having to go into the
public benefit and feel secure having a
Psychiatric Service Dog by their side.
They feel secure because the dog blocks
anyone from coming to close and aid and
assist them in any help they need.  They
have really helped people over come many