Placements in 2009

Kim lost her first hearing dog
Sheena" (Picture on right) from
CHC in January 2009 from cancer at
the age of 13 She was lost
without Sheena as her companion and
ears for the sounds she could not hear.
We were glad to see we could replace
the tears with joy with all the love and
sound ability Tinker gives to her now.
Palma & Echo
Hearing Dog
May 27th, 2009
Whiting, NJ
Michelle applied for a hearing dog Dec 2006.
Her son was going into the service fall 2009
and she was really nervous about being at
home alone, .She is happy Richie came in time
before her son left.
Magdelene & Brutus
Hearing Dog
Sept 4th, 2009
Toms River, NJ
This is Joann 2nd hearing dog from CHC. She lost her first hearing dog BJ maltese
(pictured on right) at theage of 13. She lives in a senior center and gets very nervous
with out a hearing dog not knowing when the fire alarm goes off. She doesn't hear the
maintenance man knock and it started when they walk in.She very safe and secure with
her new little helper Minnie.
Alyson & Timmy
Hearing Dog
December 15th, 2009
Ridgewood, NJ
Palma had applied for a hearing dog in
April 2007. She is a active 82 year widow.
She is so pleased how Echo lets her know
anything around her she was unaware of.
She loves walking and feels great knowing
she will be alerted of any danger she
cannot hear.
Kim & Tinker
Hearing Dog
February 9th, 2009
Vineland, NJ
Michelle & Richie
Hearing Dog
August 13th, 2009
Monroe Township
Joann & Minnie
Hearing Dog
Sept 17th, 2009
Vineland, NJ
Magdelane loves Brutus on how
well behaved and obedient he is.
He lets her know about sounds
when her husband is not home.
She enjoys his company.
Alyson loves her new little buddy.
He is always by her side. He jumps
into action when her microwave
goes off and loves playing with her
kids. Timmy loves  his new home too.
Placements 2010
This page was all done with everyone
that finished training and was placed.
Went to publish it to the site, Lost the
pictures.  It will be updated.
Jeremy & Scooby
Hearing Dog
Danielle & Chip
Hearing Dog
Sergio & Rena
Medic Alert & Balance