Placements in 2012
Luann and Lucy
Hearing Dog
Stowe, PA
May 11 2012
Luann got her first hearing dog Winnie
from us back in ____
and Winnie worked as a great hearing
dog for 13 yrs and died of old age.
Joann & Mia
Hearing Dog
Vineland, NJ
August 2012
Mia is Joann's 2 nd hearing dog from
CHC, she lost her 1 st hearing dog BJ
from old age 13
Tom and Chase
Hearing Dog
Toms River, NJ
Sept 12, 2012
Tom got his first hearing dog Baily from
us in 2011 but had passed away from a
tragic accident. Very distraut from losing
him, we were glad we were able to bring
Chase to help him with his sounds and
Placements 2011
James and Baily
Hearing Dog
Tome River, NJ
Diana & Sky
Hearing Dog
Bridgewater, NJ
Loretta and Piper
Hearing Dog
Loretta recieved  training to train Piper to be
her hearing dog and recieved certification.