Hearing Dogs for Deaf People are trained at Canine Hearing Companions and Fairton Federal Prison.  
Sometimes it is necessary for us to place a Hearing Dog in Training with a 'socialiser' until the dog is old
enough to begin its sound- training (usually around 8 months old), or while it is waiting to be trained.

Socialisers look after the dog and provide basic obedience training, general socialisation and human
contact to guidelines supplied by us. Socialisers also reinforce obedience while  the dog is in their care.
A dog may be placed with a socialiser for a few days, weeks or several months depending on specific
circumstances. All Socialisers provide their services on a voluntary basis, free of charge.

Essential information:

Behaviours that may be exhibited by a Hearing Dog in training include:

barking, crying, whining or howling
'mouthing' - play or puppy-style biting and chewing - furniture, cushions, toys, shoes and anything else
they decide to chew
jumping up at people and on furniture
stealing food or belongings
scratching and digging
chasing - people, animals, bikes or anything that moves
toileting inside (deliberately or accidentally)
pulling on a leash
showing aggression towards other animals or people
Of course, we actively discourage all of these behaviours but they may occur while with the socialiser.
Forewarned is forearmed!

2. A Hearing Dogs for Deaf People Canine Hearing Companions socialiser:

is likely to have had previous experience caring for and / or handling a dog
is unlikely to have another dog younger than 2 years
must have a fully fenced enclosed area appropriate to the size and breed of the dog
will take part in an interview in their own home
is willing to spend a good deal of quality time working with the dog and Hearing Dogs staff
will ensure the dog has human contact for at least 95% of a 24-hour period
will not leave the dog unsupervised at any time
will permit the dog to sleep indoors
will provide a wide range of positive life experiences for the dog eg. taking the dog with you to your place
of work or on shopping trips
will keep adequate and appropriate notes of the dog's behaviour and performance
will comply with and adhere to our Socialising Guidelines and Socialiser Agreement
3. We provide the socialiser with the dog's bed, bedding, food, leash, toys, treats, bowls, indoor kennel
(cage), medical treatments. We also provide initial orientation for each socialiser, a notebook to record
the dog's behaviour and performance and a Socialiser Manual.

To discuss whether becoming a Hearing Dog socialiser might be appropriate for you.
Please contact us.

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