Interested in a Service Dog
  You must meet the following requierments:

* You must be 18 years or older
*  You must be the caretaker of the sevice dog
* You must be able to finacially care for the dog(Yearly shots, monthly
heartworm,       flea/tick repellent, dog food and treats)
* You must become a member of CHC and renew your membership annually
* Help out in any waay to promote CHC for support
* Stay in contact with CHC and give updates
How to Apply for a Service Dog
To request an application contact
by calling
(856) 696-3668
or email
A $50 application fee must be sent with the
applcation and the membership to CHC
$20 Single member
$35 Family member
Bandit & David
Hearing Dog
Fords, NJ
David lost his hearing from
swimming at the age of 30.
He felt isolated and
depressed not hearing at
family get togethers. Bandit
put a smile back on his face.
The total cost of training a service dog
is $6,250.00 The recipient is required
to pay the application fee and
membership when sending the
application back. The they are
required to raise $2,500 to help with
the cost of training while their dog is
being trained. The recipient doesn't
have to travel to the center to be
trained. All training during placement is
done in the recipients home.